CoServ Boardroom Video Wall

Here is an eighteen 55" Panel Video Wall in the Board Room in a 3x6 configuration

eighteen 55 inch Samsung Video wall Panels in a 3x6 configuration
Video Wall Off

Coserv Dispatch Center

Here is the 2015 CoServ electric Video Wall in the dispatch Center

We pride ourselves on our system racks & wire management. Our De-centralized architecture has 1/5 the Footprint of a Centralized System

HR Content Management 2x2 Video Wall

This 2x2 55" Video Wall is connected to our Dominant Digital Signage System.  We design, build, and ship both our Dominant Sign-Server & Dominant Sign-Client streamers Direct from our TX office.  Our custom Products allow the customer access to an unlimited amount of displays or video walls to play customer Content.  They can schedule content via the calendar, have instant Emergency streams, or outside stimuli like a button or motion detector to trigger content.  Our systems allow us to integrate with any Fire Alarm, panic button, or Security System to Display emergency exit maps & audio instructions dynamically based on the display location.  We write custom manuals for each customer with screen shots of their specific system.  Too many times Manuals are designed for the Masses leaving the individual to wonder what parts of the manual pertain to their system, and that is why we offer personalized instructions omitting unnecessary features for every customer.