About Us

We are an integration and systems design company, our primary focus is on the commercial market, with about an 80% commercial and 20% Residential business flow. Duane Garret the owner comes from a computer/Networking background. Our top end solutions are custom designed conference room and commercial automation installations, as well as taking care of our residential builders. We don't do spec homes as a normal flow of business, but like to stick to our core of turning no job down, as even the smallest job can generate the biggest leads!

Team - Duane

Duane Garrett


Though Born and raised in CT, for the past 14 years I have been in Texas Running my company with a team that makes every day a blessing! With over 20 years of management experience in 2004 I started my small company in CT as an Owner/Operator part time project.  Once in the great state of TX and the culture of small business success I was given an opportunity to shine, and I thank God everyday for giving the gift of working with the industry's best IT integration and project management team that never quits and constantly grows!

Team - Levi

Levi Corrao

COO/Installation Manager

Levi has been with Dominant sight and sound for 9+years and worked his way to the top! Starting an installation apprenticeship and has proven to be one of the fastest learners in the industry.  climbing the ladder to his current operations management position!

Team - Tim

Tim King

CTO/IT Specialist

With over 25 years’ experience in the Computer Home Automation and Consumer electronics industry, the day Tim joined Dominant sight and Sound the company reached goals and milestones it would’ve have without.  Tim's constant growth in IT and Networking project management has proven Dominant Sight & Sound will always be on the forefront of the industry


Team - Steve

Steve Conway


A retired coast Guard Officer and IT director with his MBA from Yale and BS in marine Science.  Steve's knowledge and professionalism has Guided our company into new shores (no pun intended!).  In the private sector he was the IT director for the Audubon institute in Louisiana as well as Texas A & M Galveston branch for a combined 20 years! Upon retiring in 2012 he now only works 40 hours a week lecturing for Texas A&M and project management for Dominant Sight and Sound.